Period Building Conservation Pty Ltd is an independently owned company based in Stanley in rural North East Victoria, near the well-known heritage town of Beechworth. The business is only involved in the conservation of heritage buildings.

Greg and Lyndee Owen started the business in 1996 and prior to 2011 it was known as Period Restoration Services.
The Company’s routine operations cover northern, central and eastern Victoria and southern NSW, with our remote area division handling the rest of Australia and everywhere beyond.

PBC generally uses at least 80% of it’s own labour force who are all trained to general trade level in a number of trades and to a much higher level in their chosen areas of expertise. Apprentices usually form at least one third of the labour force, and training, both initial and ongoing is a necessary focus for the business. We train in the areas we believe are essential for all conservation tradespeople:

  • Traditional trade skills (know how the building work was performed, and how to reproduce it)
  • Materials science (understand the materials you are working with and the science of their decay & repair)
  • Traditional building construction, (understand the common methods & materials of heritage building construction) and
  • Contemporary materials conservation techniques (know how to undertake modern methods of stabilisation or repair to original building fabric)


  • Carpentry and joinery, including our in house joinery shop for the repair and reproduction of original windows, doors, architraves, skirtings etc. all by traditional methods.
  • Roof plumbing, including our in house sheetmetal shop for the repair and reproduction of original rainheads, ventilators, gutters, ridge cappings and other rainwater goods. Cast iron gutter and downpipe repair, reproduction and installation.
  • Lead beating and burning, repair and reproduction of lead flashings and lead covered ornamentation etc.
  • Solid Plastering, repairs to traditional solid plastering including, lime renders, run mouldings, ashlar jointing etc and reproduction of pressed cement and plaster ornamentation and plaster mouldings’run on the bench’.
  • Painting and Decorating, including reproduction of traditional finishes such as stencilling, lining, cornice artworks etc.
  • Structural stabilisation including steelwork fabricated in our workshops and incorporated into heritage buildings.
  • Brickwork repairs, structural repair, reconstruction of arches, plain and tuck pointing.
  • Stonework repointing and structural repairs.
  • Blacksmithing, including repair and reproduction of iron door furniture, hinges, brackets etc.




Greg Owen B Eng (Mech), G Dip Maint Eng, MICOMOS, principal and general manager.

Greg was a building maintenance and mechanical engineer prior to PBC, looking after all kinds of buildings, but developed a passion for old buildings and became exposed to the philosophy of building conservation, looking after a nineteenth century hospital in Beechworth. Greg was well used to having a broad array of tradespeople working for him as well as picking up the tools himself, so when he bailed out of paid employment he started his own small crew undertaking serious conservation work in between the period home renovations that helped pay the bills in the early days.

As the business grew, serious conservation became the sole focus. He offers the unusual mixed perspective of both tradesperson and professional engineer and builder. He is passionate about traditional building construction and skills, training and general education for the building industry, both the building conservation industry and those in the general building industry whose occasionally work with heritage fabric.

Lyndee Owen, Admin Manager

Lyndee brings a background in international purchasing and administration to the business and runs the office that keeps it all coordinated. She is well used to chasing down or having manufactured those elusive supplies as well as handling your job enquiries. She might be the “woman in the office” on the phone but after restoring a 19thC home and 17 years in the business, I think you might be surprised how much she knows about old building problems.