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PBC has a history of undertaking conservation works in places from lighthouses to high country huts to outback grain stores. Some are only accessible by helicopter or on foot, some just very distant from major population centres.

Our remote area team can provide any of the building services we normally provide, either as full projects or individual specialist services, but they add their logistics skills as well to plan & coordinate works where there are long & sometimes problematic transport  lines. Works have to be well thought out, particularly when you can’t just ‘nip down the Hardware’. Typically projects have an initial phase where the building is opened up, and we get a good handle on the job. All the needs, including prefabricated items such as joinery, are determined & prepared, and items that can be removed to the workshops for repairs are taken back to base. Once everything is prepared the site is revisited for the construction phases. Depending on the difficulty of access the project may be undertaken in intensive ‘chunks’ to allow resupply & repairs & prefabrication to take place in stages.

Where works are just distant from major population centres, PBC may utilize existing freight operations to supply projects with it’s specialist materials & prefabricated assemblies. Our staff will often commute by our Company’s light aircraft, with periods on site usually one week at a time but sometimes two.
Where helicopter or even fixed wing aircraft freight is required to the site, the PBC remote area team is skilled at assembling, packaging and weighing loads for either sling or internal aircraft loading. Operations at the site can be coordinated by our own loadmasters/riggers.

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