PBC is always on the look-out for people who:

•    Have a demonstrated passion for old buildings
•    Are quick to pick up new skills
•    Are good team members
•    Are keen to see more of Australia


PBC have periodically taken apprentice entry in the following trades:
•    Carpentry and joinery, and
•    Plumbing.

PBC apprentices gain experience and skills in the full range of trade work undertaken by the business. As such they will learn, along with their chosen trade, basic skills in a number of trades. Apprentices will typically also learn skills to trade level in another trade area. In the near future it is planned that these apprentices will gain full accreditation in that second trade.

PBC expects a lot from it’s apprentices in exchange for outstanding training opportunities and work experiences. Our apprentices are expected to work at their apprenticeship just like it were undergraduate study, with out of hours study and assignments and dedication to theory and bookwork as well as the practical skills. Most applicants will have already shown marks and commitment to enable them to go on to tertiary studies and many are mature age.

PBC considers that smart and well trained tradespeople have a huge future in the Australian building industry and encourages graduates to remain with the Company.